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Acoustic Shockwave Therapy

From 49€

A very effective treatment to reduce cellulite & stimulate collagen production. Acoustic shockwaves cause micro-tears in the connective tissue while breaking down fatty deposits (cellulite). When the minor tearing occurs, the healing process boosts collagen synthesis.

What Does it Do?

  • Reduce the production and look of cellulite

  • Break down enlarged fat cells

  • Restore connective tissue

  • Improve muscle tone

  • Improve skin elasticity

  • Promote lymphatic drainage (elimination of toxins/waste)

  • Improve blood flow/circulation

  • Promote increased production of collagen

  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars

  • Tighten, firm and smooth out loose skin

What Else Should I Know?

  • For effective results we recommend minimum 5-10 treatments, a week apart

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