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€99 / 60 mins

Cityproof Facial

Intensive Anti-Pollution Oxygenating Programme. The key to fight against the skin’s urban fatigue. The multi-sensory treatment with spectacular rejuvenating effects that, from the very first session, renders the skin strengthened, capable of resisting the intense rhythm of the city.

What Does it Do?​

  • Oxygenates skin, increasing vitality & luminosity.

  • Detoxifies skin, reducing signs of stress & urban living.

  • Defends, regenerates & strengthens the skin.

How Does it Work?​​​

  • The new-generation therapy is applied with a prolonged massage inspired by the symbiosis of two techniques: an Oriental millenary therapy and facial reflexology.

  • Provides a powerful cutaneous shield that neutralises oxidative stress caused by the three major groups of pollutants (Air, UV Rays & Domestic) that daily attack our skin cells.

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