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Submental Cryolipolysis (Neck)

€199 / 60 mins

Cryolipolysis (or "fat freezing") uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat in those tough areas that people struggle to remove with diet & exercise alone. The results of the fat freezing procedure are proven, noticeable & lasting, so you’ll look great from every angle.

What Does it Do?

  • Painlessly & permanently removes stubborn fat beneath the lower jaw.

How Does it Work?

  • Cryolipolysis (or "fat freezing") uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat cells.

  • Results are proven, noticeable, and lasting.

  • You can reduce fat on multiple areas of your body.

  • Treated fat cells are eliminated from the body in the weeks following treatment.

  • Additional sessions may further enhance your results.

  • Non-surgical means minimal risk with no post-treatment recovery period. 

  • The results are long term & with a healthy lifestyle the treated fat cells are gone for good!

What Else Should I Know?​​

  • You may experience a cool sensation & a tightening at the beginning of the treatment.

  • After the treatment the area will be cold & red with the possibility of some mild bruising.

  • For 2 to 10 days there may be some tenderness or sensitivity.


Cryolipolysis Machine
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