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1) Continuous defense emulsion

Essential youthfulness emulsion

A treatment that constitutes a real defence against the passing of time. It spectacularly corrects the main signs of ageing, thus making the face recover well-being and a healthier and more youthful appearance.

Velvety texture, lighter and more refreshing.

Indicated for
Normal skin and skin with a tendency to oiliness.

It contains MPC-Defense Complex and Life-Cytoxygen.

Presentation: 50 ml.

After cleansing and toning the skin, apply every moring and night on the face, neck and décolletage.


2) 1st Essence

Essential Skin Defences Activator

Pollution is directly related to an increase of darkspots, dryness, premature ageing, etc. causing alterations such as eczemas or acne. Our skin works as a physical and immunological barrier.  When the exposure to high levels of environmental pollution is prolonged and repetitive, its defence capacity is surpassed and its ability to protect and detoxify itself becomes compromised.


When the best offence is a good defence

1st Essence is the first beauty gesture for our daily ritual.  A subliming essence of the outermost skin layers that enhances the efficacy of the following treatments and effectively reinforces the skin’s defences.

Pure liquid silk that defends facial skin against external aggressors, while subliming the skin.

Multiplying Effect of Efficacy

Enhances the benefits of the ingredients applied afterwards, trapping them and increasing their performance by 100% thanks to an increase of the skin’s permeability.

A must-have for urbanites

The skin recovers its best appearance: luminous, smooth and with a healthier tone.
With a continued use, greater firmness, juiciness and uniformity are noticed on the complexion.

Indicated for 
all skin types.


Activator of 2 powerful lines of defence:

-Internal: Helps strengthen the self-defence system, recovering all its balance, colour, perfection, comfort and quality. (Probiotic Complex, MPC-Defense Complex and Niacinamide).

-External: Triple Anti-Pollution Shielding: air, solar and domestic. Prevents the adhesion and penetration of toxins and polluting particles in the skin. (Group of Biocompatible Polysaccharides)

Also includes Glycolipids that increase the permeability of the skin

Presentation: 30 ml.

Apply morning and/or night on cleansed and toned skin before your usual treatment product.

Ideal treatment:
Pre-serum + Serum + Cream / Emulsion + Protector

Excel Therapy O2 Continuous Defence Box (Emulsion)

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