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Immediate Action Tautening Serum

The best reflection of rested features.

Flash ampoule with fast lifting effect that provides the skin with the lost energy, while minimising as much as possible the signs of fatigue, reducing small expression lines and wrinkles.

With actions that are tautening, hydrating, defatiguing and homogenising of the skin’s texture.

Ideal for special occasions. Makeup is uniform, perfect and long-lasting.

Indicated for:
All skin types.

New improved formula

High molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid to recover hydration and prevent loss of water. Works against the sensation of lack of comfort and tautness.

Pro-Liftine. Biopolymer based on natural ingredients that achieves a tautening, fast, intense and lasting lifting effect.

Phyto-Astringent Complex based on Rhizome of Ginger, Rhizome of Pimpernel and Cinnamon Bark that produces a reduction of the size of the pores in just 15 minutes.

Presentation:   5 x 1-ml vials

After the usual treatment cream apply Flash Lift on face, neck and décolletage with circular movements or gentle touches with the fingers and wait until totally absorbed. The skin is ready for a lasting and perfectly defined makeup. If you have very dry skin you can repeat the application of the facial cream, once the tautening serum is absorbed.

Flash Lift

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