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Body Exfoliating Cream with Green Tea and Bamboo

Increase the effectiveness of your body treatment and get a new skin with GREEN SOUL SCRUB .

A gentle exfoliant with "green soul", based on Bamboo and Green Tea and delicate natural exfoliating particles of Bamboo, which combines all the ANTIOXIDANT and HYDRATING power of these two natural extracts, with its renovating action.

A delicious ritual to achieve soft, smooth and luminous skin that will change the way you look at scrubs

Indicated for:
A new skin, a smooth and youthful body.


Koreano Bamboo Extract :

  • It helps to protect from the harmful effects generated by free radicals.
  • It brings great luminosity to the skin, improving dyschromias and equalizing tone.

Green Tea Oil:

  • Help protect against loss of hydration.

Presentation: Tube 200ml.

It can be used dry or wet depending on the desired exfoliation intensity.

  • Suitable for sensitive skin (wet use).
  • Easy rinsing without residues.

Perfect Form Green Soul Scrub

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